Inventive DIY Hacks Instantly Make Your Home Look More Expensive


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When it comes to decorating your home, there are definitely things that make your house look cheaper or more expensive. I’m always looking for hacks that make my house look like I paid way more.

These impressive hacks do just that. You’re guaranteed to have a more expensive looking home. Check them out!


Use Contact Paper To Create “Hardwood Floors”

Whether you have a rental or you own your home, you can make the floor in your kitchen look like they’re hardwood by using one unexpected material: contact paper.

Deep clean your kitchen floor, then smooth the contact paper on like a sticker. You can watch the video above for a good technique.

Add Mirrors To Closet Doors

If the mirrors are framed, spray paint the frames to match your doors, then hang them up on your closet doors. Instant closet door mirrors!

Create An Accent Wall In The Larger Rooms Of Your Home

Accent walls, whether they’re wallpaper, paint, or wood, can add a ton of personality to your home, plus they aren’t too expensive to do.

Try one in the living room, dining room, or master bedroom. It makes a huge difference, and make your home look more modern!

Add A Coat Of Spray Paint To Vents

If your vents look old and outdated, spray them with a coat of metallic spray paint. You can choose the color to create the level of fanciness fits your home best.

Make Hanging Wood Shelves 

The right shelving unit can make all the difference in how expensive your home looks. These hanging shelves pack a gorgeous punch in any home, and you’re gonna love how they look!

Use Curved Shower Curtain Rods To Make A Window Look Bigger

With some regal-looking oversized curtains and a curved rod, it’ll make your windows look a lot bigger than they actually are.

Pick The Right Furniture & Art For Your Space

Certain colors and textures can make your space look bigger, more expensive, and classy. You can watch the video below for tips on how to make the space look bigger.


What do you do to make your space look more expensive?