Instantly Spookify Your Space With Dollar Store Witch Hat Luminaries


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I love decorating my front porch for Halloween. It looks super cute with a touch of spookiness, and who doesn’t love being festive?

This year, I’m on a budget and I knew I wanted to go all out still. That’s why the dollar store was the perfect option. All I had to do was get creative, and these witch hats were an adorable find!


All it involves is some dollar store witch hats, some other cheap supplies, and a light source to make these floating little beauties. So easy!

Here’s how to make it.

All you’ll need is:

  • Dollar store witch hats
  • Clear fishing line
  • Needle
  • Glow stick, LED tea lights, or LED light stick. The light stick works best in my opinion.

Thread the fishing line around or through your light source of choice, making sure to leave a ton of room on the fishing line to string it through the hat.

Use your needle to string the fishing line through your hat, and tie a loop at the top for hanging, leaving some more fishing line so it hangs well.

Turn on your light, hang your witch’s hat, and your front porch just got a whole lot spookier!

Watch the tutorial below and follow along to get your Halloween decorations up ASAP!