Incredible Swirl Stitch: The Easiest Free Motion You’ll Ever Do


Angela Walters / YouTube


One little stitch can make all the difference when it comes to quilts. It can frame a block exactly how you want it to be, it an distract from things you don’t love, and it can decorate the quilt as a whole.

In this case, it really is one little stitch. If you learn how to do this, you can make an intricate swirling pattern that looks amazing with a wide array blocks.


With your fabric, all you need to do is move it in a C shape as you sew, and loop it back around in the opposite direction. Eventually, it will create the swirl!

I like doing this design best on simplistic blocks with not a lot of detail. It really lets these stitches shine, and it allows the texture to be in the forefront.

Whether you use this stitch to create a beautiful frame for your quilt around the edges, have it burst out of one corner, or use it all over for a beautiful pop.

For more detailed instructions on how to do this gorgeous stitch pattern, watch Angela Walters video below. It’s probably the easiest free motion stitch you’ll ever do.

What’s your favorite free motion stitch?


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