How To Make The Ultimate Easter Basket For Your Favorite Person


Sensational Finds / YouTube


The Ultimate Easter Basket

It’s almost Easter. If you aren’t prepared yet, time is running out, but don’t worry. The dollar store exists, so you can make a creative, generous Easter basket for cheap. 


These baskets can be filled to the brim with all sorts of goodies, but there’s a simple base to all three that give these babies the perfect amount of personality for whoever you give it to!

So without any further adieu, let’s start by preparing the most important part of your Easter basket… the basket!

If your dollar store doesn’t have pre-made baskets, YouTube channel Sensational Finds has a couple of ideas that will solve that problem for you.

All you need to begin are any sort of large bucket or basket that you can find at the dollar store. Then, you can add your decorations to make…

The Unicorn

Start with a pink, purple, blue or rainbow basket, basically anything you see fit for a unicorn. Grab some eyelash stickers, a unicorn horn with ears, and some flowers.

Stick/glue those on to the basket, then fill with as many colorful and sweet goodies as you can find. Then there you have it, a gorgeous unicorn basket perfect for any unicorn lover!

The Phrase

This basket is easy, and perfect for literally anyone. Get your bucket or basket, and some letter stickers/decals. Then, stick on whatever word you’d like.

Sensational Finds uses the word “Bestie,” but you can easily use whatever word you’d like! This makes it a great basket for anyone you’d like. Fill it with their favorite things and you’re done!

The Simplistic

The simplistic basket is perfect for the neat freak, cooking fanatic, or beauty junkie in your life. All you’ll be using is a clean, simple tub with no decorations.

You’ll fill this basket up with goodies pertaining to a certain activity. Watch Sensational Finds video below for more tips on this.


Happy Easter!