How To Easily Stitch An Invisible Zipper


Professor Pincushion / YouTube


Sewing with zippers can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you want to make that zipper invisible to the naked eye.


To learn how to sew a regular zipper, click here for an easy to follow tutorial by MADE Everyday.

After you learn how to sew a regular zipper, the invisible zipper is the next logical step. They make the perfect zipper for non-denim shorts, dresses, and even blouses!

For the invisible zipper, we’ll be learning alongside Professor Pincushion in the video below.

First, you’ll need the right foot to sew with. If your machine doesn’t come with a foot made for invisible zippers, you can pick up a universal foot kit at your local fabric store!

You’ll want to choose which seam you’re going to sew the zipper on to. She chooses the center back seam for the dress she’s sewing. You’re going to baste along the seam line, to the length of the zipper.

Place the right side of the zipper to the right side of the garment. Make sure the teeth end up right on the basting stitch. Place the beginning of the teeth 3/4″ from the top.

Install your invisible zipper foot like she describes below. Then, you’ll begin sewing.

To learn exactly how to do this with every detail you could possibly need, watch Professor Pincushion‘s video below and give it a shot yourself!