How To Crochet A Perfectly Versatile Basket From Scratch


Rescued Paw Designs / YouTube


I love knitting and crocheting, and I always try looking for projects beyond your basic scarf, blanket, or hat. A unique crochet project sometimes can be hard to find. 

Not only did I find a great and unique crochet project, but it’s incredibly useful. Whether you use it for storing yarn, or as a laundry basket, or even as something else, I promise you’ll find a use for it.


This project is by YouTuber Rescued Paw Designs, and she teaches you how to make this awesome little basket from scratch.

To make this basket, she uses a 6 bulky yarn and a 9 millimeter crochet hook. You can make this basket as small or as large as you’d like, making it super versatile as well.

The beginning of this project is similar to crocheting a beanie in that you’re creating a circular base, just with a bit of a tighter stitch.

As you continue to stitch upwards through the body of the basket, eventually you’ll reach the height of the basket that you’d like. From there, it’s all about creating the handles.

The stitching for the handles is a bit different from the rest of the basket, but it’s a pretty simple transition, so you shouldn’t have a problem.

Once you’re done, fill the basket with whatever you’d like and prepare for people to ask you where you got it and if you can make one for them.

Watch Rescued Paw Designs‘ video below and give this a shot yourself!