How This Simple Cabbage Trick Will Turn Your Chickens Into Prized Hens


Hanna Wasiela / YouTube


Chickens Love Cabbage

Every chicken owner knows that a chicken coop or chicken run is practically a necessity. You need to stimulate their natural foraging instincts and give them a workout to keep them healthy!


If you’re like me and don’t have a chicken coop or run to keep your birds in shape, then there’s a simple DIY solution that you need to give a try, and crazy as it sounds, it involves a cabbage.

It’s definitely a cheap alternative to your classic chicken coop, and even if you have one, they’re super useful during the winter! Believe it or not, all you need is a cabbage, a drill, and some rope.

As an alternative, this forum on has some DIY ideas, including using a metal coat hanger, a landscape nail, and an apple corer.

Keep in mind when you do this DIY that your chickens need to be supervised when there’s a cabbage hanging in front of them. Chickens can eat the twine used to hang them, or they become tangled in the rope.

How It’s Made

To make the cabbage, all you’ve gotta do is drill or poke a hole through the center of the cabbage. Thread your rope through the cabbage and tie a big knot at the end to hold it in place. 

From here, all you’ve gotta do is hang your cabbage. Tie it to to whatever you’d like to keep it in place, or hang it from a hook if you’d like, and it’s ready to use!

Don’t wanna make your own? Not a problem, you can buy a ready-made hanger here.

Check out the ducks and chickens below enjoying their hanging cabbage!