Painter’s Tape Can Be Used In Quilting


Bluprint / YouTube


An Even Easier Way To Sew Half Square Triangles

Half square triangles: we all make quilts with them. They seem to be in nearly every quilt pattern there is, and though they’re incredibly simple to make, there’s actually an easier way…


Painter’s tape.┬áThat’s right, all you need to do to get the perfect half square triangle is grab a roll of painter’s tape.

Angela Walters from The Midnight Quilting Show on bluprint shows us how its done in her video tutorial, and it couldn’t be any easier! Here’s how to do it.

How It’s Done

Draw a straight line on a piece of painter’s tape. Then, line that line up with the 1/4″ seam line on the throat plate. Use this line as a guide to sew together two squares.

Stitch twice on each side of the painter’s tape line. Cut along either side of those stitched lines, then press open and trim. Boom! Two half square triangles.

The tape makes a great guideline for sewing up a ton of these triangles, and there’s no need to draw a line every time you’re about to make your next pair!

Watch the video down below to get started trying out this easy hack. You’ll use it any time you need to make half square triangles, guaranteed!