How One Clever 9-Year-Old Started A Sewing Business For Charity


Stitches By Charlotte / YouTube


Charlotte’s Story

Childhood surgery is hard. Realistically, you really don’t really know what’s going on, and you’re hooked up to a ton of wires, masks, and more. You’re left with scars, and going under can be terrifying.

Having childhood surgery doesn’t have to be as horrible as it seems. Just take it from Charlotte, a 9-year-old who’s had multiple surgeries for a cleft lip and palette… and decided to help kids just like her!


One Christmas, her grandmother gave her a sewing machine, and once she learned, she started making dolls for kids going through surgeries! All of the money from sales is donated to charity to help those kids, too.

A Major Accomplishment

Charlotte has created a full-blown booming business from this after JIF peanut butter noticed what she was doing. She crowdfunded the money to make a team, and from there, she was unstoppable.

Each doll is sewn, stuffed, and decorated by hand. Plus, it comes with a needle, thread, and instructions, so the doll can have a scar just like the child!

Charlotte’s goal is to give children who are having surgery the comfort they deserve during their difficult times in the hospital. That, and the dolls give them something to relate to… they look just like them!

Her business just continues to grow, and at just 9, she’s already changed the world far beyond what many could imagine possible.

Check out the video below to learn more of her story.

Go Charlotte!