An Old Mason Jar Becomes A Bird Feeder In 2 Steps


Jessica Hill / YouTube


DIY Bird Feeder

During the spring and summer, there’s nothing I love more than the birds and squirrels in my front yard. There’s something so calm and peaceful about watching them.

If you want more birds and squirrels to flock to your yard, the best way to go about that is to get ahold of some bird feeders like this one.


To give your yard some rustic edge, you could buy some mason jar bird feeders. Or, you could get crafty and make one yourself! Grab a mason jar you like, and let’s get started.

There are a couple of different bird feeders: a hummingbird feeder, and a seed feeder. The hummingbird feeder is a liquid feeder, while the seed feeder serves– you guessed it –seeds.

The method to making these differs slightly depending on what kind of feeder you’d like to make, but the base is the same: a mason jar.

How To Make It

Pretty much everything will be encompassed by the mason jar, but you’ll also need a bird feeder accessory and (obviously) your feed of choice.

If you want the seed feeder like the video below, click here for that accessory. If you want the liquid feeder/waterer, click here.

If you want a hummingbird feeder that’s a bit more intricate, you can go with something more like this, or create your own lid attachment.

Make sure these parts are plastic if these feeders are going to be in the sun. You don’t want the metal to be too hot for the animals!

All you need to do is fill your mason jar with your feed, then screw on your lid, and hang it up. That’s it. You’re done!

Watch the tutorial below for a visual. Good luck!