How A Single Mom Built A Home For Her Family For $35,000


Living Big In A Tiny House / YouTube


A Dream Home For Cheap

What would you do as a single mom if your rent kept climbing, living conditions weren’t good, and you wanted your child to live in a good family home?

Many people would move to another area, and mom Shalina Kell did just that. She took it a step further by making sure her home was permanent, customized, and exactly what she wanted.


She built it from scratch!

This house, known as a tiny home by those that follow the fad, cost about $35,000 for Shalina to make. It took about 2 years to build, and now she only pays $650 a month for her lot space!

Considering she lives in Northern California, that is a huge amount of savings. Many of the materials were recycled or heavily discounted, too, so it’s eco-friendly!

She moved to her father’s property to do the build, and once it was complete, settled down nearby in a lot. In just those 2 years, she built the house on an 8.5′ x 32′ trailer with 350 square feet total.

Even though that’s small, Shalina and her 15-year-old daughter, Katie, live big. They both have their own bedrooms with closets and additional storage. Katie’s even has a vanity!

In addition, this tiny home has a soaking size bathtub, a washer and dryer, a working toilet, and a ton of storage. After seeing the video below, I’m thinking about downsizing…

Watch the video down below for a full tour of the house, and if you want to embark on your own tiny house journey, don’t fret… Shalina is coming out with an eBook and plans so you can build your own!