How A Classic Dresden Can Become A Festive Holiday Wreath


Shabby Fabrics / YouTube


With Christmas well on its way, you’ve probably started decorating your house. If you’re a quilter, you’ve probably also started quilting something for the season.

If you want to kill two birds with one stone, use a classic Dresden pattern to create a wreath that you can hang on the wall!


Just take a ton of green fabrics and cut them up to create a Dresden circle. From there, finish it off with a centerpiece to seal it up.

To make it a true, classic wreath, add bows, buttons, applique, and more. What’s amazing about this little wreath is how personalized you can make it!

Once you’ve finished that wreath, you can make it into a ton of different things: sew it up into a quilt with a ton of wreaths made into blocks, or sew it on to one piece of fabric to make a wall hanging.

Add whatever is needed in order to hang it up on the wall, or to create a full quilt. Regardless of how you use it, this little wreath really puts you into the Christmas spirit.

Watch the video down below to get the full instructions for making this adorable wreath block. Good luck and happy holidays!


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