Boric Acid Could Eliminate An Ant Infestation

How to Remove an Ant Infestation and Kill Ants With Boric Acid

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The Problem With Ants

Ants are pretty harmless for the most part, but they can get really annoying, especially during the warmer months. They infest food supplies, make a mess, and just mess up everything they come in contact with.


There are plenty of solutions to an ant problem, but many of them are toxic or cause another annoyance. Sticky traps can get stuck on all sorts of things, and ant sprays aren’t something I’d want around the younger members of my family.

So how about you make a natural solution instead? It’s easy and the best fix there is!

Here’s what you’l need to make this natural solution:

  • cotton balls
  • water
  • boric acid
  • medicine cap or small dish to hold the concoction

Making The Ant Killer

Begin by mixing together your sugar and your boric acid. The sugar will attract the ants to your trap, while the boric acid will act as the poison that will kill them off.

Add lukewarm water to this mixture, stirring constantly to prevent lumps from forming. Once everything is nicely dissolved, soak your cotton ball, then place it in your small container of choice.

You can use multiple cotton balls and dishes to kill even more ants, but the basics are all the same. Repeat the steps as necessary, and watch as those ants go away!

Once you’ve attracted and killed a ton of those ants, pick up your little dishes and throw away the cotton balls. Replace with another solution-soaked cotton ball whenever you need some more ant killing power!

Gone are the days when you have to buy sticky ant traps, harmful sprays and other subpar insect killers. Now, you’ve got the ultimate ant killer, and it’s not even close to as bad for you!