He Figured Out How To Make A McRib – Now You Can Make One Too


Food Wishes / YouTube


The Power of the McRib

What’s your favorite time of year? Usually when you ask someone that, they’ll answer something like “Christmas time” or “summer.” For me, that answer is a little different.


I really like the McRib. Like… really like the McRib. So if someone were to ask me that question, my answer might be “McRib season.” 

Unfortunately, McDonald’s iconic McRib sandwich is only available during certain times of the year. Instead of sobbing uncontrollably until the delicious sandwich is back, I’ve found a better solution.

It comes from Chef John from FoodWishes. He’s created a delicious McRib copycat recipe that satisfies even the strongest McRib cravings, and it’s pretty easy to make!

Here’s what you’ll need to make Chef John’s version of the McRib:

  • baby back pork ribs (not the larger St. Louis style)
  • barbecue sauce
  • sesame seed rolls
  • coleslaw
  • dry rub made from
    -kosher salt
    -brown sugar
    -chili powder
    -freshly ground black pepper
    -cayenne pepper

For exact amounts John uses, check out his blog FoodWishes.com by clicking here.

Now for making your own. You’ll start by applying your dry rub to the baby back ribs. For most baby back rib recipes, you’d want to remove a silvery membrane near the bones. Avoid doing this.

Then, you’ll wrap the ribs in foil and bake them like Chef John describes in his video. This will do the majority of the cooking. Once it’s cooled to room temp, wrap it up and stick it in the fridge.

When the ribs are super cold, take them out of the fridge and unwrap them. Carefully remove all of the bones and cartilage. They should be able to pull out clean.

From here, you’ll slather the ribs in your favorite barbecue sauce and grill them up just like John does. Prepare your coleslaw. Toast your sesame seed rolls and put some barbecue sauce on them.

Then add the coleslaw to your rolls, followed by the ribs. Top with the other bun, and you’re done!

No matter what time of year it is, the McRib is yours. Add any onions or pickles if you so desire, and enjoy!

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