Hacks To Make Sewing Chiffon Easy As Pie


Professor Pincushion / YouTube


Chiffon: A Misunderstood Fabric

Chiffon is a fabric that a lot of us are afraid to work with. It’s delicate, thin, and smooth. It can go wrong, fast… and it’s really hard to hide mistakes in the fabric.


Alright, take a breather. I promise you can work with chiffon with just a few small tips and tricks. In fact, not only is it easier than you’d think it is, but it’s just easy, period. Don’t let it scare you.

Cutting Chiffon

One tip that works is pinning chiffon to tissue paper to keep it from shifting so you can cut it properly. Liquid stabilizers work, or spray starch. Just make sure that chiffon is washable if you go for the latter.

Watch Professor Pincushion‘s video for even more tips!

Sewing Chiffon

Leaving tissue paper attached while you’re sewing chiffon has its benefits: it stabilizes the fabric and makes sewing easier. You can just rip the tissue away once you’re done!

Really, it’s that simple!

Hemming Chiffon

To learn how to hem perfectly, watch Professor Pincushion‘s video below. The hem ends up being super delicate, and it looks gorgeous!


With these tips and tricks under your belt, chiffon isn’t a nightmare– it’s a dream. You’ll be sewing with it whenever you want, and you can make all sorts of things with it.

Now that you’ve tackled chiffon, you can sew anything!