Groundbreaking Clothespin Art Gives Any Room A Creative Vibe


MadeByFate / YouTube


A New Type Of Art

Do you have a blank spot on your wall that you just need to fill? Well lucky for you, you just found a way to do just that easily and inexpensively.


It’s called clothespin art and it’s genius. All you need to do to make one of these is an image, some cardboard, some clothespins, and some hot glue.

If you want to make this decoration even more over-the-top, you can paint your clothespins, cover them in glitter, or add other decorations to the clothespins.

This unique decoration looks really cool in a wide variety of rooms, but this piece especially shines in a laundry room. I mean, what works better in a laundry room than a clothes pin?

Not to say this wouldn’t look good anywhere else. In fact, I love it in every room. Just mix it up a little bit with different colors and images!

How It’s Done

To make it, all you need to do is cut out a piece of cardboard and surround it with clothespins. Hot glue those on, and glue down your image in the middle, fitting it to the newly made frame.

Obviously if you’re going to paint or decorate your clothespins, do so before you add your center image. After you’re done with that, your art is done and ready to hang!

Watch the video down below for a visual tutorial. How are you going to make yours?