Grandmother’s Flower Garden Is The Easiest Classic You’ll Ever Stitch


Linda Franz / YouTube


Grandmother’s Flowers

If you’re looking for a classic pattern to work on, look no further than Grandmother’s Flower Garden. They’re made up of 7 hexagons, and end up looking like little flowers!

To create the hexagons, you can start by creating a template if you’d like. You just want to make sure that these hexagons are uniform. That, and make sure the middle hexagon is a different color.


From here, you’ll stitch the hexagons together into a flower-like look. There are a couple things you can do with those hexagons to make the quilt truly your own.

You can either stitch these flowers together as a whole to make a hexagon-laden quilt, or you can use some fusible interfacing to fuse the hexagon flowers to a square of fabric.

My favorite thing about this quilt is how much you can do with it. With the right fabrics, it can set up a whole ton of different moods. Pastels for spring, brights for summer, and so on…

YouTuber Linda Franz breaks it down in a simple video tutorial, and she really couldn’t make it any easier for novice quilters.

Watch her video down below to get started on yours. You’ll want to make this quilt all the time once you try it!