Gorgeous Woven Quilt Block Is Done In Only 3 Steps


Fons & Porter / YouTube


Woven Gorgeousness

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than a classic, and it doesn’t get more classic than this: a stunning woven quilt that’s super easy to make!


I love classic quilts because they always look beautiful. Sure, they aren’t as modern, but they never go out of style. This woven quilt will always be loved, whether you pass it down or only use it for a season.

The ladies at Fons & Porter are back again with another quilt, and this time it’s this gorgeous woven number. You’ll have it done in no time at all, and the finished product is beautiful.

Making The Quilt

Wanna learn how to make it yourself? Let’s get started. Gather some strips of background fabric and some strips of colored or printed fabric to make the project.

Start by sewing identical squares of different fabrics on to a background strip like the Fons & Porter ladies do. Right sides together, sewn on top.

Use a rotary cutter to trim each sewn square from one another. Cut a strip that’s the size of those two squares, pressed open. Then attach that to the two squares.

Finishing Touches

Once you gather four of those beauties, you can sew them together with the four longest strips meeting in the center. Sew these four together, and you’ve got a woven block!

It’s honestly unbelievable how easy this is. From afar, it may look a little difficult, but the technique makes this block incredibly easy!

Give this quilt a try next time you need a project. You’ll love making this!