Gorgeous Heart Table Runner Is Perfect For Your Valentine’s Day Meal


Jordan Fabrics / YouTube


The Perfect Valentine’s Dinner

One of the hallmarks of a great Valentine’s Day is a romantic dinner with your sweetheart. Most people go out to dinner, but if you’ve been there, you know how crowded it can get at restaurants.


In my opinion, there’s nothing more romantic than a home cooked meal on Valentine’s Day. There’s no reason to go out, spend a ton of money, and brave the crowds on Valentine’s evening.

So instead of going out to dinner this year, why don’t you create a gorgeous dinner at home?

When it comes to the food, that’s up to you and your honey, but if you love sewing and quilting, I have the perfect project for you. Sew up a cute table runner!

This one by Donna Jordan at Jordan Fabrics┬áreally fits the mood of Valentine’s Day. It’s covered in hearts and will look flawless on your table, especially with a warm meal on top!

What It’s Made Of

The table runner is made up of cute little heart blocks. You can make these pretty easily. The bottom half of the heart is made from half square triangles, and the top are trapezoids with little triangles.

Stitch up these little blocks together with whatever background and foreground fabrics you’d like, and you’ll be done in no time!

Check out Donna’s video below for more in-depth instructions, then decorate your table for your Valentine’s meal. It’s going to be so cute!