Get In The Holiday Spirit With Inexpensive DIY Snow Globes


Sea Lemon / YouTube


Any objects that you decide to put in the snow globe, you’ll want to make sure they’re waterproof. You can get a waterproof spray paint to seal them in place.

You’ll also want waterproof extra-strength glue to keep the objects where you’d like them. From there, you can grab your other materials.


Grab a jar of some sort (glass probably works best for a classic snow globe, but a strong plastic works well too), some water, some glycerin, and some glitter or something similar.

Take an object of choice (a plastic toy, a letter, etc.) and make it waterproof. If you want to, you can paint it differently as well, or decorate it.

Glue the toy down to the inside of the lid and wait for it to dry completely. In the meantime, fill your jar/globe up with water and glycerin most of the way, leaving a little bit of space.

Add a little glitter or whatever else you’d like inside the jar. Then, use your waterproof glue on the inner rim of the lid, and screw it on the jar/globe.

Wait for that to dry completely before you flip it over, and you’re done! A custom snow globe you’ll love playing with all season long.

Happy Holidays!