Genius IKEA Bed Slat Hacks You Never Knew Existed


Coral / YouTube


IKEA’s Secrets

I’m obsessed with IKEA. I could hang out in those room displays for hours, just taking a break every now and then to eat some Swedish meatballs in their cafeteria.


There are a lot of random things you can buy at IKEA for a relatively inexpensive price. If you need a replacement item for your house, you know IKEA may be the place for the solution.

One of the replacement items that IKEA sells is bed slats. These are used to hold your mattress in place on top of your bed frame.

These bed slats are made of pieces of wood and some flexible material that holds them together, such as ribbon. You’d think that bed slats are simply bed slats, but you’d be wrong.

Bed slats have so many more uses than what meets the eye. You can use these bed slats as a really unique way to store and display items!

YouTube channel Nifty has come up with a few different ways to use these slats in a whole new way. They’re absolutely genius, and I can’t believe this is the first time I’m seeing these hacks.

Whether you’re in need of new office storage, some spice in your garden, some laundry room organization, or something else, bed slats could be the solution.

The gist of it is this: hang it up on wall and add the things you want to store or display. You can either do this DIY in the simple way, or you can add a little flair.

YouTube channel Coral takes these bed slats and turns them into works of art before hanging them and using them for storage. Check out their video below, then you can make your own!