Video Shows Hack Repairing A Small Fabric Hole In 30 Seconds


Slick and Natty / YouTube


The Dreaded Hole

We’ve all been there: after washing something enough times, maybe the fabric weakens, maybe the washing machine grabs hold of it, but you see it as soon as you put it on…

A tiny hole. 


I love sewing, but when it comes to small repairs, sometimes I don’t want to go through the trouble of getting out my sewing supplies. I stumbled upon a hack that makes it so much faster, no sewing required!

In fact, you barely need anything… you only need two items! Grab an iron and some fusible interfacing and let’s get rid of that hole.

How It’s Done

First thing’s first: only certain fabrics will work with this. You’ll want to avoid doing this with super thick fabrics like sweaters or really thin fabrics like scarves.

T-shirts and other medium-weight knit fabrics are absolutely perfect for this, and they’re super prone to this problem, so it’ll come in handy time and time again.

Fusing the hole to make it look like it used to look is actually incredibly simple. Start by getting ahold of your fusible interfacing and cutting two pieces that are slightly larger than the hole.

Make sure you round off those pieces so there are no sharp corners, then stack the two together, glue sides up. In the YouTube video below, Slick and Natty shows how to fold the fabric before you secure it.

Then put your iron on the wool or cotton setting and press that fold for 30 seconds. The glue will fuse to the fabric and fix the hole!

Want a visual? Watch Slick and Natty‘s video below to get an idea of how this is done. You’ll be fixing everything!