Quilt Pattern: Turns Strips Into Half Square Triangles


Darlene Michaud / YouTube


Quilting Gold

When it comes to making quilts, we always want to find something easy to do that catches our eye. This quilt by YouTuber Darlene Michaud fits the bill, and you’ll love making it!


If you know how to cut strip sets and make half square triangles, then you know how to make this block. With 4 colors of fabric, you form a gorgeous looking block that can be arranged into such a cool design.

One half of the triangle is made with two stripes, and the other is made with 4. The stripes are all the same width, so once you have your strip set, putting this all together will take no time!

Time To Sew

Making these blocks is super simple. They’re simply half square triangles, except the strips are “funkified” into these blocks, just like Darlene describes.

Start by sewing your strip sets together. Cut these into squares, then cut diagonally into half square triangles. Some will be 4 pieced, and some 2 pieced, depending on how you sew and cut.

To get the exact dimensions Darlene is using, be sure to follow her instructions in the video down below. Once you’ve finished the triangles, sew them back up by mixing and matching.

Then, take 4 blocks and arrange them in a design you like. It’s really that simple. You’re done!

Happy Quilting!