Fun DIY Gift Boxes Make Opening Presents Even More Exciting


Creative Cartoon / YouTube


For me, my favorite part of the holidays is giving gifts to others. I love seeing their faces when they open the gifts. There’s just something about that moment, you know?


When building up to that moment, I think wrapping up the gift in a cute package makes that anticipation even more fun… let’s be real, they always notice cute gift wrap.

That’s why you should take a regular gift box and kick it up a notch by decorating it! If you decorate all of your gift boxes like this!

My favorite gift box out of these options is the little Santa Claus. Who would’ve known it’d be so easy to transform a cute little gift box into Santa?

For the other two boxes, all you’ll need is some paper and ribbon, tape and/or glue. For Santa, you’ll need a bit more.

Take some glittery red card stock, white card stock, cotton balls, construction paper, googly eyes, and glue. Form Santa’s face, beard, and hat like Creative Cartoon does below.

No matter what you wrap up in these little boxes, people will want to keep this box forever. They might even like the box more than the gift!

Good luck and Happy Holidays!