Southwestern Quilt Pattern is 100% Free


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Southwestern Quilt

Southwestern quilts are some of my absolute favorites to sew. They’re beyond beautiful, unique and geometric. I always like adding more to my collection.


The southwestern quilts are the quilts I like to show off the most, especially during the spring and summer. They’re bright and exciting, and most of the time, they aren’t hard to make either!

Since spring is here and summer is coming soon, what could possibly be a better project than a southwestern? How about a modernized southwestern that couldn’t be easier to make?

Angela Walters is back at it again with another quilt tutorial. This time, it’s a modernized version of a classic southwestern style quilt, and it’s so easy and fun to make.

If the quilt’s beauty and ease didn’t entice you enough, then this definitely will: the pattern for this gorgeous quilt is completely free! 

That’s right. A free pattern for a stunning project. What could be better than that? Click here to download the pattern and get started on your own!

What Makes This Quilt?

Now that you’ve got the pattern, you can start sewing your blocks. The final pattern is made up of half square triangles as well as some smaller and larger rectangles and some squares.

There’s a lot of cutting and sewing involved in making this geometric block, but once it’s done, it’s so worth it. Since all of the block is made up of simple smaller blocks, you’ll be done in no time.

Once the quilt top is done, add your batting and backing fabric. Stitch it up, and you can be done here if you’d like, but I think you need to add what Angela does…

In my opinion, Angela’s free motion stitching really brings this quilt to life. Add whatever free motion stitching you’d like to this, but adding more geometric designs really makes this pop!

Watch Angela’s video below for more tips and tricks on making this quilt, then get to making your own. Good luck!