Lone Star Pattern Quilt Pattern Uses Only One Jelly Roll

Lone Star Quilt Pattern

Jordan Fabrics / YouTube


One of the most popular quilt patterns I’ve seen is the Lone Star. Not only is this gorgeous, but it looks so classic. It works with any decor!

That’s why when I saw Jordan Fabrics had posted a free pattern and an easy tutorial to make this adorable quilt, I was practically jumping for joy.


This Lone Star has a bit of a twist– not only is the pattern free, but you only need one jelly roll and some background fabric to complete the quilt top. Talk about convenient!

Basically, you’re going to be working with 36 different fabrics. This sounds like a ton, but this should be available in your jelly roll. In fact, you’ll probably have some extras!

You’ll be working with a group of diamonds to complete this, with one color meeting up in the center. I absolutely adore how mine turned out, and it wasn’t very hard to complete at all.

Donna has also made a smaller version of this quilt as a wall hanging before, and both the large and small versions are stunning.

I love how mine looks on my bed, so much so that I may just make a mini one for my wall!

Watch how Donna makes this Lone Star quilt below, and click here to download the free pattern!