Free Jelly Roll Ripples Pattern Is The Easiest Block You’ve Sewn In Weeks


Fat Quarter Shop / YouTube


Jelly Roll Ripples

If you quilt as much as I do, then you’ve definitely made quite a few blocks out of jelly rolls. Some of the most common of these are Log Cabin blocks and Courthouse Steps.


Similar to a Log Cabin or Courthouse Steps Block, these Jelly Roll Ripples are assembled primarily with precut strips, just in a different way.

Kimberly from Fat Quarter Shop brings us a great tutorial for this block. Not only is it a completely unique block you probably have never quilted before, but it’s so easy to do!

Wanna make this yourself? Here’s what you’ll need:

Here’s How To Make It

Cut different strips and squares from the jelly roll. This is outlined in detail in the pattern, but it basically forms an “L” shape in the middle of the block, with a couple of squares surrounding.

With two different fabrics, this “L” shape is incredibly simple to accomplish, and if you mix up the blocks and make a ton of different colors, it makes a simply gorgeous quilt.

Watch the tutorial down below to get started, and make sure to grab the free pattern while you’re at it. You definitely want this adorable and unique block in your collection!

Good Luck!