Free “Half Square Rectangles” Pattern Is A Gorgeous Twist On A Classic Quilt


Jordan Fabrics / YouTube


A Free Pattern With A Lot Of Personality

As a quilter, there’s nothing that gets me more excited than a free pattern, especially when that free pattern is something I’ve never done before.


Once again, Donna Jordan from Jordan Fabrics has got our backs with another free pattern. This time, it’s for something she calls “half square rectangles.”

Much like half square triangles, this pattern is based on the marriage of two triangular-cut fabrics. Instead of forming traditional square blocks, however, it forms rectangles!

When these rectangles are placed together, they make diamonds that almost remind me of a kite flying in the sky. The final quilt is beyond beautiful and the pattern is pretty easy to work with.

The pattern is written so it will work with a wide variety of fabrics like quarter yards, fat quarters, or even layer cakes. So not only is it a free pattern, it’s incredibly versatile!

Enough of me rambling. Let’s get started on this quilt!

Creating The Half Square Rectangle

Before you start, get the free pattern by clicking here.

If you’re using a layer cake like Donna did, all you need to do to make your blocks is cut those large square in half, forming two rectangles.

With those rectangles, here’s where it’ll differ from half square triangles. On the wrong side of the lighter of the two fabrics, draw two dots on each corner and connect them with a line.

On the darker fabric, simply draw the dots. Lay them right sides together, then twist the fabric so it’s at an angle, like Donna shows in the video below.

Once that’s stitched together, trimmed and pressed, 1/4 of your block is done. Form a few together into a diamond, and that’s your block!

Watch Donna stitch hers up in the video below to get a better idea of how yours should be done. Happy quilting!