Free & Easy Knit Blanket Pattern Keeps You Toasty All Season Long


knitpicks / YouTube


It’s getting cold outside. As much as I love what chilly weather entails (hot drinks, fire places, and cuddling,) I also need to stay warm as much as possible.


So why not make something that will help keep you warm? Something like a knit blanket?

If you’ve never knit or crocheted anything before, this blanket is an awesome starter project. Not only is there a full video tutorial on how to do this from scratch, but there’s a written pattern too… and it’s all free!

You can get the written pattern for this blanket for free by clicking here!

The materials for this are pretty easy to gather: just grab a ton of yarn in whatever color(s) you’d like, and get to it. I’d suggest getting the same kind of yarn for the whole blanket. I got mine on clearance!

The finished product of this blanket is about 50″ x 60″ long, so it’ll keep even tall people super warm. If you want it even longer, you can easily just add some more stitches, too!

Whatever you decide to do, it’s an awesome project and it’s so much fun! Check out the video below by knitpicks and give it a try yourself!

Note: The video below unfortunately does not show an up-close shot of color switching. If you don’t know how to do that, you can always stitch with only one color or search how to switch the colors online.