Frame Your Face Perfectly With Natural-Looking, Feathery Brows


Kathleenlights / YouTube


They say eyes are the windows to the soul. That means that the eyebrows are the curtains to those windows, and nobody wants curtains they don’t like in their house.

Okay, bad metaphor, but you get my point. Brows are important. They frame the face and set the tone for the rest of your makeup.


I personally am a fan of bushy, natural-looking brows. Not only are they in style right now, but my eyebrows lean on the fuller side, so I like to play those up as often as I can.

One of my favorite makeup gurus on YouTube is Kathleen Fuentes, also known as KathleenLights. Her makeup always looks amazing, and her brows fit the profile I like.

Naturally, when I saw she posted a brow tutorial, I clicked on it immediately. I decided to share her tips with you guys so you can get the brows you’ve always dreamed of too!

What you’ll need:

  • Brow pencil
  • Brow powder & eyebrow brush (optional, but makes things last more)
  • Brow Gel
  • Concealer & concealer brush (optional, to clean things up if you’d like it a little tidier)
KathleenLights / YouTube

Use your eyebrow pencil to begin. Kathleen uses one with a pointed tip on one side and a “spooly” (a mini mascara wand to brush out the hairs,) on the other side.

She says she likes one with an “in-between” texture of waxy and creamy, which is easiest for her to work with.

Start at the front of the brow, using short hair-like strokes to outline the bottom of the eyebrow. Then, continue to fill in your eyebrows to the shape you like. She makes them a bit longer, and fuller on top.

Then, brush your eyebrow hairs up and check to see if there are any additional spots you’d like to fill in. Use your spooly to blend it out and brush the hairs some more.

KathleenLights / YouTube

If you’d like to, use your brow powder and brush to set the pencil in place. Then, if you want to clean it up, take some concealer to clean the edges around the brow.

She usually doesn’t use concealer for her brows on most days, but it can be great for giving the brows a sharper look.

KathleenLights / YouTube

Next, she sets her brows in place by brushing the brows upwards with a setting product. Usually, she uses a clear brow gel, but she also suggests other products as alternatives.

Besides a clear brow gel, there are colored brow gels with fibers, hair gel, or even hair spray. Any of these would work to keep the look in place.

Once she sets it, she uses her fingers to “make the brows look a little less crazy,” but still pretty feathery. Then she’s done!


I’ve been using a similar technique for the past few days, and I can’t stop getting compliments on my brows. I love them!

Watch Kathleen’s video below to get her recommendations.

How do you do your brows?