For Less Than $10, Make This Cork Board Map And Plan Your Next Adventure


The Sorry Girls / YouTube


There’s nothing more amazing than seeing the world.

Regardless if you’ve been to every continent or are just starting your wanderlust adventures, this cork map is an awesome addition to any empty wall space.


The Sorry Girls‘ Kelsey and Becky created this super cool map and I instantly wanted to try it.

All you’re going to need is some cork (either self-adhesive or plain cork works,) an exacto-knife and a print out of a map for reference.

Lay the cork out over the map print outs and take your time to exacto-knife the shape of the area you’re doing.

Then, go to the wall you plan on putting this piece and practice the lay out so when you hang it up it’s in the correct position. If your cork isn’t self-adhesive, command strips work too.

Once it’s hung up, you can stick your pins in! I used heart-shaped ones, but I loved their label idea too.

This DIY is super cheap to make. Rolls of cork usually cost around 6 bucks, and the template is free. If you wanna spice it up a little you can change up the cork colors, countries cut out, or use different pins.

Want to keep a public record of your adventures? Watch Kelsey and Becky’s video below and give this DIY a try!