Free Motion Sewing Tutorial: Flower Meandering


Angela Walters / YouTube


Want to easily add some beautiful texture to your quilt? Then you should try the flower meander! It’s actually incredibly simple to do, even though it looks super complicated.

You start with a swirl, then quilt tiny curves around the swirl, then hop upwards and continue doing little curves. You’ll see it creates a flower-like design.


You can add as many arcs as you’d like until you run out of room, and you can quilt as many flowers as you’d like. 

Do you just want one area of the quilt to look flowered? Then try doing it in one of the corners! I bet you’ll want to do more though, because as soon as you get one flower done, you’ll want to keep going!

Just keep them the same size as you quilt, and you’re good to go.

This addictive design is so much fun and I guarantee you’ll love doing it just as much as I do. This is my go-to quilting design, especially for spring and summer projects, but I love it no matter the season!

My favorite thing to do with this is use contrasting thread on the project so the design really pops. Any colors work, but if you’re looking for contrast along with your texture, opposing colors is the way to go.

Watch Angela Walters create this gorgeous quilt design in the video below, follow along, and this will become your favorite free motion, too!