Here is A Fireball Pink Lemonade Recipe To Add to The Menu


Delish / YouTube


Fireball Lemonade

…or in this case, cinnamon whisky.


Pink lemonade. It’s a summer staple. As soon as the weather starts heating up in spring, I’m guzzling this stuff down. In the in-between months, you may not be able to decide whether you want something hot or cold.

So why not have both?

Add a little Fireball whisky to pink lemonade. It makes the drink cool on the outside, but it’ll warm you from the inside. There’s a little kick from the cinnamon, too, and it’s great with the lemon flavor.

Wanna make it yourself? Delish has the recipe, and we’ve got it for you here. This is what you’ll need to get started.

You’ll need the following ingredients:

  • lemonade (either store-bought or homemade)
  • Fireball cinnamon whisky
  • grenadine
  • ice
  • lemon for garnish

How To Make It

In a pitcher full of ice (and some lemon slices for good measure,) combine the lemonade, Fireball cinnamon whisky, and grenadine.

Mix thoroughly with a spoon, then pour into a glass. Add a lemon slice for garnish, and you’re ready to go!

Whether you’re enjoying this on a hot day or a cold one, it’s always refreshing. A cool, refreshing drink that warms you up. There’s nothing better than that!

For ingredient amounts, watch Delish‘s video down below. Watch them make this cocktail, then you can make it yourself!