Find The Perfect Foundation For You In 5 Easy Steps


Alissa Ashley / YouTube


Finding the right complexion products can be tricky. Even if you think you’ve found the right one, you may try it and it ends up being terrible.

So what gives?


The truth is a lot of people don’t know how to find “the one”. There are a ton of things you need to consider before you buy it. Here are 5 easy steps to consider before you buy.

You’ll find “the one” in no time!

Step 1: Find Your Skin Type

Generally speaking, there are 4 skin types– dry, normal, oily, and combination. 

Dry skinned people don’t have a lot of oil, may have some flakiness, and their skin feels tight right after washing their faces.

Oily skinned people tend to have a lot of shine, get acne breakouts more, and when they wash their faces, their skin gets oily pretty quickly.

Normal skin is in between these two– their face doesn’t get acne often, but it doesn’t tend to feel flaky. When they wash their faces, their skin doesn’t get shiny or tight.

Combination skinned people have some areas of their face that are dry and some that are oily. For example, the forehead, nose, and chin may be oily, but the cheeks may be dry.

Step 2: Find Your Skin Tone

This step is probably the most obvious and one of the most important. If you had to rate how dark your skin was from 1-6, 1 being the lightest, where would you lay?

When choosing your shade, you can divide it up based on if you know how light or dark you need it to be, and that’ll eliminate quite a few shades for you.

Step 3: Find Your Undertone

Even when you find out your skin tone, you need to find out your undertone. There are 3 options here– warm, cool, and neutral.

Warm toned people have greenish looking veins, look good in pure white, look good in gold jewelry, and tan more than they burn.

Cool toned people have blue or purpleish looking veins, look good in off-white, look good in silver jewelry, and burn more than they tan.

Neutral toned people have veins that are in between, look good in white & off-white, silver & gold. If you tan slowly but don’t burn often, you’re probably neutral.

Step 4: Pick Your Level Of Coverage & The Finish

Coverage is how much you want the product to cover imperfections. There’s sheer, light, medium, and full coverage foundations, BB creams, & Moisturizers.

Then, you’ll want to pick your finish. There are all kinds– matte, satin, dewy, and more. All of this information should be on the description of the product.

Generally speaking, dewy is best for drier skin types, and matte is better for oily. In-betweens usually work for everyone.

Step 5: Research Your Options

Now that you know everything you want out of the product, look for products online that fit that description. Read reviews or watch YouTube reviews. Figure out if the ingredients will work for your skin type.

Once you pick your formula with the coverage you’d like, choose your shade based on the tips above, and you’re done!


Have you found “the one”? How did you figure it out?

Now you need to learn how to apply it. Check out the video below and give it a try yourself!