Farmhouse Fall Decor DIYs


Lone Fox / YouTube


Fall is on its way. Have you decorated yet? If the answer is no, then do I have some fun DIY projects for you. You’re gonna love making these.

These 4 DIYs come from Drew Scott at Lone Fox. As per usual, the DIYs are amazing and super cute. They’ll look amazing no matter where you put them!


So without further adieu, let’s get started making these bad boys.

Speckled Pumpkins

Lone Fox / YouTube

Grab some pumpkins, whether they’re real or fake, and paint them white. Let them dry. Then, with an old toothbrush, splatter some additional white paint along with black paint on to them.

Once they’re dry, they’re ready to display. Super easy!

Yarn Wall Hanging

Lone Fox / YouTube

Multiple yarn colors, scissors, and a wooden dowel. Cut pieces of yarn at least double what you want them to hang.

Then, loop them through the dowel just like Drew shows in his video. Once you arrange them and tie them off, you’re ready to hang them!

Acorn Garland

Lone Fox / YouTube

Using old book pages, cut out acorn shapes. Spray paint as you see fit, then hang them on a hanging string with mini clothes pins.

Switch it up and use any shape you’d like! Pumpkins, leaves, and more will work with this season.

Burlap Wreath

Lone Fox / YouTube

First, gather a metal ring, burlap ribbon, scissors, book pages, and fake flowers, along with anything else you may want to put on this wreath.

Now, using a hot glue gun, fold and place the burlap ribbon on to the metal ring. Once that dries completely and you have your base, it’s time to decorate.

Hot glue on fake flowers, leaves made from book pages, and more. Get creative! Then, you can add a piece of yarn or something to hang it off of, and you’re ready to go.


To watch how this is done, check out Lone Fox‘s video below and get to making your own!


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