Every Parent Needs To Know How To Make These Easy Bandana Bibs


StyleNovice / YouTube


If you’re a parent, you know how necessary bibs are. If you don’t use bibs, you’ll need to change your kids after every meal.

Now I’m not saying you won’t have to change your kids after every meal with bibs, but I am saying it’s less likely that way. Kids are messy, and anything that can help that? I’ll take a million.


Keryn with YouTube channel StyleNovice has a super easy tutorial for making your own bibs. This tutorial doesn’t have many steps, but the end result looks like you could have bought it from a baby superstore.

All that’s necessary to make a bandana bib are:

  • two types of fabric
  • a way to sew them together (sewing machine or needle & thread)
  • a snap closure
  • and a way to put those pieces on the bib (in her case, something to poke it through with and a hammer to punch it in)

For your two types of fabric, make sure you pick one that will be your design for the front and one that will act as a super absorbent layer for the back.

Stitch the two together with the design face down, and leave a gap open at one of the edges. Use that gap to flip the bib inside out so the design is facing forward. Then, stitch it all together.

Add the snap closure by following the instructions on the packaging, and boom, you’re done!

I’m going to be making a ton of these: holidays, occasions, or just for around the house.

What fabrics will you use for yours?