DIY Shoe Deodorizer Is Only 5 Ingredients


RichsMethod / YouTube


No One Likes Smelly Shoes

Whether you’re a frequent gym-goer or simply a victim of particularly hot weather, we’ve all been in this position: we wear a certain pair of shoes a little too much, they get a little too sweaty…


And they stink. Okay, they stink.

Everyone has been in this position and it’s not pretty. Those shoes you can smell even after they’re off… you know. You wear those smelly shoes, and your feet stink until you wash them. Not cute.

So how do you get those shoes to not stink anymore? How can you continue to wear them without that smell following you everywhere?

With a shoe deodorizer! Instead of spending upwards of $10 on the ones at the store, you can make your own, and they work even better than the store-bought versions!

All you’ll need are some things you probably already have. If you have a cat, then you have the most potent ingredient at the ready.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • fabric softener sheets
  • cat litter
  • baking soda
  • ground coffee
  • rubber bands

How It’s Made

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Begin by layering a few fabric softener sheets on top of one another. Then, scoop in equal amounts of cat litter, baking soda, and ground coffee.

Finally, fold up the fabric softener sheets, twist it up, and tie it off with a rubber band to keep all of the ingredients inside. Then that’s it, you’re done!

So why does it work? The cat litter and baking soda absorb moisture that causes bacteria growth, while the coffee and fabric softener sheets act as deodorizers.

If your cat litter has deodorizers in it, even better. More stench removal! 

For a visual tutorial, watch RichsMethods video below. Then try it yourself. Good luck and have fun breathing through your nose without cringing again.