Even If You’ve Never Been Near A Sewing Machine, You Can Make This Quilt


Missouri Star Quilt Company / YouTube


Finding a gorgeous looking quilt that I can teach my grandkids to make isn’t easy. They don’t know the first thing about quilting, and I don’t want to stress them out!

Luckily, Jenny from Missouri Star Quilting Company never does me wrong. This “Strings Attached Quilt” is probably the easiest quilt I’ve ever seen!


Here’s how to do it.

First, cut some 5 inch strips of 2 fabrics. She uses white and hot pink, but anything works. Then, cut these into rhombi. She uses a rhombus tool for this.

You’re going to sew 12 of these rhombi together, alternating between the two colors/patterns. Make sure when you make more of these strips the seams alternate directions on each strip.

In between these larger strips of rhombi, you’re going to put a 1.5″ strip, alternating the colors again. These strips allow the rhombi to meet in a sort of arrow design.

So in Jenny’s case, it goes rhombus strip facing right, white strip, rhombus strip facing left, pink strip, rhombus strip facing right, and so on.

Sew your batting, border, and backing of choice on to the quilt, do any free motion stitching you’d like, and you’re all done!

This quilt is perfect for beginners. Even if you know nothing about quilting, you can get this one done!

Watch Jenny from Missouri Star Quilting Company detail how to make this beauty. What twists are you going to add to yours?