Elvis’s Mouth-Watering Secret To Perfect Southern BBQ Ribs


Michael Ochs Archive / Getty Images, Eric William Ozbun / Getty Images


Is there anything better than delicious ribs that just fall off the bone, smothered in BBQ sauce? I don’t think so. And once you find a foolproof recipe? It’s like heaven every time you take a bite.

Personally, I think my foolproof trick to the perfect rib is king– because it comes from the king himself, Elvis Presley.


The secret to the perfect rack of ribs is basting it in an incredible BBQ sauce. Elvis’s BBQ sauce is packed with a ton of flavor, is super simple to make, and tastes good on everything.

Seriously, if it was socially acceptable, I might drink this stuff.

Here’s how to make it.

Elvis Kitchen Collection

Try this sauce on BBQ chicken pizza, meat loaf, chicken wings, and more. Of course, there’s nothing more made for BBQ sauce than ribs, so give that a try first.

If you’re in need of a base recipe to get these insanely delicious ribs going, check out the video below by Jenny Can Cook.

Her rub and tenderizing method go great with this sauce. It’s like they were made for each other!

What’s your secret for the perfect rack of ribs?