Effortless Origami Flower Gives Any Plain Quilt Block A Gorgeous Textured Twist


Teresa DownUnder / YouTube


Origami Flower

I’ve found a super unique block that takes any quilt to a whole new level: it’s an origami flower! Not only does this add a ton of visual interest to your quilt, but it adds a unique texture you won’t find anywhere else.


It’s super easy to make, and fun too. No cutting and sewing like usual. Nope, you’ll just fold, press, and sew… perfect for switching up your usual quilting routine!

Wanna make this stunning flower yourself? Here’s how.

How It’s Done

Start with a 10 1/2″ square of fabric. This could be a pre-made block or a plain square, whatever you prefer. Fold the square in half, right sides together, and press well.

Fold the square again in the opposite direction. Press well without pressing over the previous line. Turn over and fold in all four corners. Press each crease carefully.

Mark the center of the folded square, then turn it over. Fold back both sides of the square and meet in the middle. Press along the creases carefully. Now do the same in the opposite direction.

Use the pressed folds to make the petals, repeating on all corners. Open each petal and pin into place. Then, form the petals, and sew them all in the middle, sewing a button where they join.

Unfold the base square. Now the flower block is done, and you can add it to whatever quilt you’d like!

For a visual, as well as a suggestion on how to surround this block, watch Teresa DownUnder‘s video below. You’re gonna love making this easy block!