Easy-To-Sew Peacoat Keeps You Warm Without The Bulk


withwendy / YouTube


When it gets cold outside, you can often end up looking like a giant marshmallow when you go outside. It’s not a cute look, but most of the time, it’s what’s needed to stay warm.


Unless you have a peacoat, that is.

Rather than spending a ton of money on an expensive department store peacoat, you can make your own for a fraction of the cost, and stay warm for cheaper!

Wendy with YouTube channel withwendy has a tutorial that shows exactly how it’s done. Surprisingly, it is way easier than it looks.

The fabric Wendy goes for in this DIY is wool, but you can alter this to make it out of any fabric you’d like. If you want, you can use water-resistant fabric to make a cute raincoat!

Along with the thin but warm wool, Wendy also uses stitches that are practically invisible, so the coat isn’t very bulky. You can easily add lining, some pockets, decorations, or button closures to make it your own.

To do that, check out Wendy’s blog by clicking here.

Otherwise, check out the video below for the basics of how to stitch this all together. You’ll want to wear this all the time when it’s chilly outside. No more looking like a marshmallow!