Easy-To-Make Paint Drip Quilt Quilt Is All Kinds Of Beautiful


Man Sewing / YouTube


A Whole New Technique

As much as I adore making quit blocks, arranging them, and sewing them together, sometimes I like making a quilt with some different techniques. 


I know Rob Appell from Man Sewing never steers me wrong, so I decided to try one of his newer designs. I found this paint drip design, and I fell in love.

Not only is it an incredibly easy to put together, but it may be one of the most unique quilts I have ever made. It’s so artsy, and it’s great for a wide variety of people and places.

Got an artist in your family? Give them this quilt. Got a little kid who loves a ton of colors? Give them this quilt. Got a boring room that is in desperate need of a pop? This. Quilt.

What’s Not To Love?

When I say this quilt is easy, I mean it’s easy. Just cut out your paint drips, and use fusible interfacing to iron them on to your background.

Not only is it simple, but it’s such a cool design. The background is newspaper print, which looks amazing with all the paint drips. Theres free motion using thread matching the paint drips as well, giving it a ton of personality.

Watch Rob stitch up this super simple quilt in the video below, then get started on your own. Once you’re done, get ready for the wave of compliments.

Happy Quilting!