Easy-To-Make Easter Chick Deviled Eggs Are Sinfully Cute


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Deviled Eggs With A Twist

For Easter this year, decorating just wasn’t enough for me. I’ve decided to make some deviled eggs with a twist… they look like little chicks! What’s better than bringing some holiday spirit into your food?


These little chicks are absolutely adorable and are going to add so much to my Easter table. Kids and adults alike will appreciate these festive little guys.

The best part is they’re just as delicious as they are cute!

Wanna get started on making your own? First, grab these ingredients:

For exact amounts, click here to visit Allrecipes.

Finishing Touches

I added a little paprika in my mixture, just to keep a deviled egg classic in the recipe as much as I could. Glad to report it didn’t affect the color!

Deviled egg chicks may look a little complicated to make, but my test batch was super easy. The hardest part was cutting out a zig zag shape to make the eggs look cracked.

Luckily, I got the hang of it just two eggs in! I know for a fact you will too. It looks a lot harder than it actually is.

Who knew that with some carrots, olives, and a little creativity, you could turn a classic hor d’oeuvre into something so festive? Everyone’s gonna wanna try these little dudes!

Check out Allrecipe’s video on how to make these cuties below, and let us know how yours turn out!