Easy Sweet Stars Block: Done In The Blink Of An Eye


Missouri Star Quilt Company / YouTube


Sweet Stars

An easy star quilt block is one of the classics that everyone should know how to sew. It’s simply gorgeous, especially if you mix up the colors of the blocks.


I love the way this finished quilt top looks, and it’s so easy to do. There’s nothing not to love about this quilt, so why not add it to your collection?

Let’s get started.

How To Build The Quilt

6″ strip and a 4″ strip of patterned/colored fabric, as well as a 4″ square and two 2.5″ squares of background fabric. 

Put the 2.5″ squares on the top of both strips. Sew diagonally and trim the excess. Sew the short strip to the 4″ square, and follow the longer strip to the bottom of that sewn pair.

Make 4 of these blocks, then sew them together with the patterned/colored fabric facing each other. Sew it up, and there you have it: a gorgeous star!

To finish up the quilt, I love using a thick border of fabric that coordinates with the block colors. Along with this, you’ll need some batting and some backing fabric.

Watch the Quilt Snips by Missouri Star Quilt Company below, then you can learn how to make this quilt yourself!

Happy Quilting!