Easy Southern Collard Greens Are Downright Addicting


Coop Can Cook / YouTube


The Perfect Greens

Collard greens: a southern staple that should be on every dinner table. If they aren’t made right, they can be a little bland and bitter. When they’re made like this, though, they’re downright addicting.

Plus, there’s no fuss in making these… they’re done in just a bit of time, and they’re so easy to make!


Wanna make them yourself? Here’s how.

What you’ll need to make the perfect southern collard greens are:

Cook ‘Em Up

Start by creating a stock out of your meat, then remove the meat from the bones. To learn how to make the stock perfectly, go to Coop Can Cook‘s website by clicking here.

Clean and de-stem your greens thoroughly, then roll them up and slice them up to your liking. From here, you’ll cook your greens with all of your seasonings in the stock.

For the rest of the instructions and recipe, check out Coop Can Cook‘s method by clicking here.

Try these once and no other greens will ever compare again. Good luck and enjoy!