Easy Hacks To Become A Winged Liner Expert


Kait Nichole / YouTube


We’ve all been there. You’ve decided to do winged eyeliner for the day. You stare in the mirror, trying to get them to look good, and you end up looking like a raccoon.


With just a few simple tips, winged liner doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it can be pretty easy. Believe it or not, there are some simple hacks to making your wing look flawless every time. I’ve been using them for years, and they really work.

Choose your weapon.

There’s liquid eyeliner. Some comes with a pot and a brush dipped in. Some comes in a pen with a felt or brush tip. Many beginners find the pen option to be easiest.

Then, there’s gel eyeliner with a separate brush. For this option, choosing the right formula and brush is key. An angled brush is usually pretty easy for beginners, but some opt for a thin paintbrush tip.

With one of the brushes from the gel options, you can even use eyeshadow. To intensify the shadow, you can use a makeup mixing medium or some water.

Do your research and pick whichever seems easiest for you. Kait Nichole uses gel in her tutorial below, but I like a liquid eyeliner pen.

Draw your line in short strokes rather than one swoop.

Trying to do winged eyeliner in one swoop is insanely hard, even for most experts. Make it easier on yourself by doing a little bit at a time, starting at the center of the eye and doing small strokes outwards until you reach the outer corner.

Do the inner part of the eye, which should be the thinnest, then you can move on to your actual wing.

Make a triangle.

Now for the dreaded wing. Start by drawing a line upwards from your bottom lash line. Connect the top of that line back to the center of your eye. The easiest part comes after this. Just fill in the triangle!

If you want to make sure your wings are even, there’s another thing you can use. Tape. Stick it on the back of your hand to remove excess adhesive, then connect it to your bottom lash line and put it in place.

Place a dot on the tape on both sides, where you’d like the wings to end. Then do your triangle method with a guaranteed clean edge!

You can even put another piece of tape to create the triangle and fill it in if you feel that would work best for you!


Watch Kait Nichole’s tutorial below for more tips on how to get that perfect wing. You’ll be slaying it on your own in no time!