Easy Funky Chicken Quilt Is The Cutest Project You’ll Ever Sew


Sew Yeah / YouTube


Funky Chicken

I love this funky chicken quilt. My family lived on a farm growing up, so since I was around chickens so much, this quilt reminds me of home. 


Not only that, but the quilt is so unique and adorable. It’s so fun to make, and it’s super easy, too!

To get started, you’ll first need to gather your supplies. Besides a sewing machine (obviously), you’ll need the following cuts of fabric per chicken block:

Sew Yeah / YouTube

Believe it or not, making these blocks is super simple, and once it’s done, it’s beyond beautiful. Part of me wants to frame one of these adorable blocks!

In total, you’ll need 6 pieces of background fabric: two 3″ x 10.5″, two 3″ x 15.5″ and two 3″ x 3″. As for patterned fabric, you’ll need 3 of them: one 5″ x 3″, two 3″ x 3″ of different fabrics, and one 10″ x 10″ that matches one of the two 3″ x 3″.

Now that you have all of the fabric cuts you need, we can get started making the quilt! 

How It’s Done

Begin by making a half square triangle out of a 3″ x 3″ pieces of background fabric and the corner of one 3″ x 10.5″. Once that’s done, attach it to the top of one of the corners of the 10″ x 10″ to create the chicken tail.

For the 10″ x 10″, you’ll want to make half square triangles out of the two bottom corners and with the two  3″ x 3″ of the background fabric.

The, you’ll make the top of the chicken’s head with one 3″ x 10.5″ and the 5″ x 3″ fabric. Sew Yeah shows you how to make those shapes in the video below.

Now for the beak. Add that to the top right corner of the side of the 10″ x 10″, using one of the 3″ x 15.5″  pieces.

Use the other one to line the other side of the block. Then that’s it! You’re done with the block!

Wanna make it yourself? Watch Sew Yeah‘s video below, and get started on your quilt!