Easy Freezer Meals That Make Back-To-School Mornings A Breeze


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I adore make-ahead meals, especially when it comes to breakfast. If I get to sleep more, I’m happy. That’s why make-ahead freezer breakfasts are an absolute godsend for lazy people like me.


Whether you’re a busy parent with kids heading back to school, a college student who is trying to get as much sleep as possible, or someone who just doesn’t feel like waking up in the morning, theres a freezer recipe for you that will make breakfast not only the most important meal of the day, but the easiest.

In this post we’re going to go over a ton of easy breakfast ideas, most of which can be stored in the freezer for months at a time. Let’s start with 3 from Kelly’s Korner in the video above.

Her three recipes are all pretty easy: a breakfast box with pancakes and sausage, a simple english muffin breakfast sandwich, and some super simple breakfast muffins. Watch the video above for the recipes.


Much like Kelly’s Korner, YouTuber HappilyAHousewife also created a delicious batch of freezer meals, one of which is a breakfast sandwich much like Kelly’s.

Unlike Kelly, HappilyAHousewife makes breakfast bowls with eggs, bacon, and more. In addition, she has a great recipe for breakfast burritos, and even a breakfast pizza!

The breakfast pizza is by far my favorite recipe HappilyAHousewife has to offer, and whether you’re 5 or 35, you’re guaranteed to love it! Check out the video above for recipes.

Finally, let’s go over Tasty’s rendition of freezer meals. They have cheesy egg cups, berry oatmeal cups, a breakfast quesadilla, and banana muffins. For some added fun, they have a fruit and yogurt parfait perfect for storing in the fridge.

These may be some of my favorite recipes on this list. I know you’ll love them as much as I do, so watch the video above and give them a try!

What’s your go-to busy morning breakfast?