Easy DIY Citronella Candles Help You Banish Bugs


ManLand121 / YouTube


This summer, I’ve been absolutely attacked by mosquitoes. I can’t remember a summer where I’ve had more bites than I do now.

Instead of spending every second indoors, I decided to take action. There’s bug spray, mosquito nets, bug-repelling jewelry, and one of the most common bug banishers– bug repelling candles.


In the video tutorial below, they use soy wax. I used wax from leftover candles just to make mine a little bit more cost-efficient, but it’s the same idea.

All you need to do is glue down a wick to the container of your choice (I used a mason jar,) then melt the wax of your choice and add essential oils.

About 25 drops of citronella essential oil will repel bugs for sure, but I also add 25 drops peppermint essential oil, 10 drops eucalyptus essential oil, 10 drops lemongrass essential oil, and 10 drops clove essential oil.

All of the essential oils are natural bug repellants. Keep in mind this is for a mason jar full of wax, so adjust the amounts as much as you need.

Pour the wax and oil mixture into your container with the wick, looping the top of the wick around something and resting it so it stays upright.

Once it hardens, you’re ready to trim the wick and light it! It smells delicious and keeps bugs away from wherever it’s lit! This has to be my favorite bug repeller ever.

What do you use to banish bugs?