Easy Cupcake Stitch Adds Some Cute Quirkiness To Your Crocheting Habit


HopefulHoney / YouTube


When I saw this cupcake stitch online, I figured there was no way I was going to be able to pull this off. I’m not an expert crochet-er by any means, and this looked beyond difficult.

That’s why it came as a massive surprise to me that the cupcake stitch was not only incredibly easy to do, but a lot easier than a ton of other well-known stitches!


First, you’ll want to chain in multiples of 6 + 4 for the “bakery shelf” of this cupcake stitch. You can choose any color you’d like for this. Just imagine what shelf you’d put a cupcake on!

You’ll do some single crochets on every chain stitch to reach the end of row one, then stitch a single crochet in the last chain and change your yarn color to the “cupcake paper.”

You’ll also need a color for the “cupcake” itself as well as your “frosting.”

The majority of this is actually switching directions of your work, which just involves flipping the work over, then continuing with chaining, crocheting, and double crocheting.

I was shocked to know that there weren’t any crazy tricks involved in finishing up an entire cupcake. It didn’t even take that long to do!

Watch HopefulHoney go over this easy crochet pattern in the video below, or click here to access her written pattern!

Have fun!